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About Us

What is My Floral Shop?
My Floral Shop is a collection of florists that have a talent to make and create a smile. has all the flower shops in the USA and points customers to the nearest talent to create a masterpiece. They also allow florists to place all their designs, gifts and services for free. If one of the items sell then My Floral Shop will take a 5% transaction fee.

Is this a free market place for florists?
Yes, if you are a florist then click on “My Account” to get registered. Once registered, under the NAVIGATION block, click on Add Content and then click on Product. Add all your flowers and gifts to the flower shop at your own pace.

Can I transfer a sell to another florist?
We are working on this task.

Why was created?
My Floral Shop’s mother in law was loosing money-using is a community of florists working together to help each other.

How much does take when a florist sells an item?
There is a 5% sale transaction fee.

Who owns
James Henderson
CEO / Sales Manager
Click on the Contact Us tab to email the company


Company: My Flower Shops
Contact Us: Email Support
Web Development: 832-338-2926

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